“I’ve known Jeff for nearly 20 years as we met through our YPO business group; although I’m based in London and Jeff in the USA, our group has international ties and helps facilitate worldwide relationships. 

As an entrepreneur and investor in ecommerce, internet, smart wearables and software companies during my career with exits to Microsoft, Qualcomm and other prominent, having a resource like Jeff was invaluable on many levels. 

As our friendship grew, Jeff became an initial investor in our European start-up called Crikle.   I enjoy our friendship and business discussions, and it’s always a treat when we can get together on either side of the pond.”

∼ Diwaker Singh – Chairman – Conversity; Founder/CEO – Crikle

“Jeff and I have been friends and colleagues for over 35 years. He is smart, honest, hardworking and inspiring. I remember when Jeff told me he was starting a financial services/payments company years ago and I saw him build his start-up into one of the largest independent credit card processing companies in the country.  

Jeff’s tenacity, focus and genuine concern for his clients and employees, combine to make him an outstanding entrepreneur and industry leader. I understand the grit and tenacity required to build and grow a business as I have started 3 companies in television, digital media and licensing.  Currently, I am a professor at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business where I’m lucky to be surrounded by bright, motivated and well-rounded students and facility.  Jeff often shares advice and suggestions for me to share with my students and colleagues. 

His pragmatic approach and advice on developing long term clients and loyal employees resonates strongly.   Whenever I need advice and thoughts on business opportunities, Jef is one of the first people I call.   I deeply value our friendship and relationship and I have met dozens of Jeff’s colleagues and friends who feel exactly the same way I do.”

∼ Susan Miller – University of Michigan Ross School of Business Professor

“As the President of the United Inventors Association with over 100,000 members, I’m constantly meeting new business owners, being pitched ideas and keynote speakers wanting to present at our next show. 

I was fortunate to meet Jeff years ago and he has delivered to our management team, our attendees and been a breath of fresh air sharing his story with humility and empathy about his entrepreneurial journey.   As a keynote at several of our shows around the country, Jeff doesn’t sugar coat the good or bad times and his pragmatic talks have been invaluable to our members. Now we just need to come up with a golf invention for him!”

∼ Carmine Denisco – President, United Inventors Association

“Having met Jeff following his keynote talk at the PGA Show in Orlando, I knew we were destined to be business colleagues and friends. We have a similar entrepreneurial spirit and we quickly discussed our love for Shark Tank until I shared with him that I am currently the host for the Shark Tank Effect Podcast and a 2x Shark Tank Entrepreneur.

We continue to share our stories and now have many mutual connections and introductions as we both love to give back to the business community. Should you ever have the opportunity to hear Jeff’s story at an upcoming trade show or conference, I would highly recommend it.”

∼ Christopher Guerrera – 2x Shark Tank Entreprenuer, Rise Nation Mastermind

“I’ve known Jeff for nearly 20 years as we met through our YPO business group; as a former CEO who helped a $190MM financial markets revenue company with a small team grow into one of the largest online brokers in the country. 

With our successful IPO, I’ve been around many good and bad business leaders;  Jeff is a great guy, built a solid business, his reputation is honorable and proud that we are now close family friends as well. 

Following my exit, my new endeavor is a Venture Capital fund – OceanAzul Partners – with my exposure to thousands of executives and business plans, I always enjoy brainstorming with Jeff on his new companies and how he can create vision and execute his plan.”

∼ Salo Sredni – Managing Director, Ocean Azul Partners

“I feel honored to be Jeff’s publisher of his seven books, two of which hit #1 on Amazon in the respective business categories. His first book, “Size Doesn’t Matter – Why Small Business is BIG Business,” grew quickly amongst the business community, and I had so much fun helping Jeff and his then high school daughter publish “Mom & Dad – I Promise I’ll Get Into College” which also became an amazon best seller.

Having interviewed over 500 thought leaders on credibility in my Napolean Hill journey and my business model of working with authority experts in different categories, I can quickly determine “who is real,” and Jeff is just that – he’s the real deal who says what he does and does what he says. I look forward to doing more projects with Jeff in the future.”

∼ Mitchell Levy – Global Credibility Expert, 2x Tedx Speaker

“Jeff and I met nearly a decade ago through our business group introduction and since then, I always enjoy our monthly meetings, catching up and sharing business thoughts.   

His integrity, generosity, and unwavering commitment to helping others stand out. I’ve introduced him to numerous contacts, and he consistently offers invaluable advice without expecting anything in return. Jeff’s honorable nature and approachable demeanor make him a pleasure to work with.”

∼ J David Scheiner – Past President, Macy’s Florida/Puerto Rico; Former Non-Executive Chairman of the Board Perry Ellis International

“As a major hospital system based in Miami, FL, we go through a serious due diligence and vetting process prior to selecting our vendors.   Jeff and his organization have helped save our system significant amounts of amount of money  plus worked with our finance team to help to increase our bottom line.” 

∼ Dr. Narenda Kini – CEO & President, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

“Jeff and I have worked together now for 30 years; from my start at the NBA to MLB and at Wheels Up working within the sports and private aviation industries. I’ve always entrusted Jeff and his team to help our teams. With so many partners and vendors constantly contacting the leagues and Wheels Up, we always relied on Jeff and his colleagues to help us. ”

∼ Mark Sage – Chief Brand Officer, Wheels Up

“During my career, I’ve been fortunate to work with over 40,000 businesses (primarily small to mid-size companies in all industy types) by helping them use digital marketing and voice controls to quickly increase their outreach to clients in their local markets.  

Meeting Jeff nearly 20 years ago was a blessing as his pragmatic approach to helping business owners aligned perfectly with our business model.  Jeff has hosted many webinars, public talks and serves as an advisor to my company.”

∼ Greg Filipo – Co-Founder, Public Reputation

“As the world becomes smaller due to technology innovations, it’s been a real pleasure to learn from Jeff about credit card processing.

With me being based across the pond in London, UK and with offices in India, United Kingdom and the USA, having a true expert resource to educate our different companies on the most efficient ways to accept credit card as a form of payment has been most enlightening and helpful. Jeff is a real gentleman and a true professional in the space.”

∼ Rohit Dhawan Chairman, FieldWeb

“I can’t believe how complicated the credit card processing industry is; with over 1MM golfers in our database who receive emails and buy golf rounds and merchandise, the corresponding credit card fees were becoming a real expense to our bottom line.

Jeff and the team explained in layman’s terms how to make our program more efficient and increase our profitability. Been lots of fun getting to know Jeff and added perk was playing some rounds of golf together!”

∼ Cam Stephens Co-Founder, Clickit Golf LLC

“Our Sushi Maki brand of Japanese restaurants continues to grow with stand-alone restaurants plus we are now in airports and professional sport stadiums.

With such visibility in the state of Florida, my team and I are constantly being solicited by credit card processing companies promising better rates and service.

Jeff is a real pro at his craft and has simplified and monitored our payment programs for years. If you have the chance to work with Jeff and his team, highly encourage it!”

∼ Abe Ng Founder, Sushi Maki

“Jeff has been a reliable mentor for years who always leads by example. I can always count on him to help me navigate the credit card industry, career pivots and even public speaking preparation. I am constantly impressed with his work ethic, poise, candor and am extremely lucky to be able to learn from him.”

∼ Remi Godner Senior Manager, American Express

“Having founded InterNachi decades ago, our home inspection association has grown to 30,000 members. I am very fortunate that Jeff and I connected years ago and we can now offer a credit card processing member benefit to my association.

Our research with our members has shown that our home inspectors are busy day to day and the concept of really understanding credit card processing fees is most confusing.

I am happy that Jeff and his team are now a member benefit to our organization.”

Nick Gromicko Founder, International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

“I meet tens of thousands of people per year. I travel over 300 days per year. I barely can remember a person one hour after meeting them because of my hectic schedule. Jeff stood out. We immediately created a friendship.

Although I’m almost 20 years his senior, I’ve learned so much from him. I love his energy and his perspective on business and life. Excited that we co-authored our first book together, “Sales On The Fast Track” and can’t wait to do book two together. BAM!”

∼ Jack Daly President

“As a growing NYC law firm, Jeff has guided me through the confusing world of payments since we started our business 30+ years ago.

Now as a significantly larger firm, our finance department is constantly solicited by credit card processing companies offering us better rates, technology and service.

I would never even entertain one of these calls as Jeff and his company has always supported me and helped us. In addition, his understanding of legal processing with operating and trust accounts has been most beneficial. . Keep up the good work.”

∼ Steve Mintz Founder, Mintz & Gold LLP

“My company has always worked with Jeff’s payments business from our start-up days to now being a more established organization.   As his payments company grew and he had many employees, Jeff always remained our day to day contact and returned my calls promptly providing incredibly high service levels (in an industry where customer service is definitely lacking). “

∼ Lee Rough – Partner, Mediation

I recently was introduced to Jeff and his payment processing company and was happy to make the introduction to our CFO, especially since it was contingency based and required very little time from our team As a large international organization, any savings we can achieve without meaningful time from our employees is a win/win. Bottom line – Jeff’s organization delivered and saved Citizen significantly on our credit card fees.

∼ Eric Horowitz – Managing Director, Citizen Watch USA

I have worked with Jeff for 20+ years as a salesperson for his companies. In all my years of working, I have never met a person with a stronger work ethic, honorable and truly delivered to both his internal personnel and his clients. I have followed Jeff blindly as he has started and sold companies through the years and will continue to represent any company that he is involved with going forward. I also in awe as what he can fit in within a day with his many companies and involvement. Truly a pleasure to be his friend and business associate.

∼ Robert Modliszewski – Account Executive, Merchant Advocate