Jeff Shavitz Speaking

Jeff enjoys sharing his journey and life and business lessons as a keynote speaker at many industry conferences across many industry verticals.  Regardless of the industry vertical, his principals resonate with all audiences as Jeff states  “business is business”.

Jeff’s talks are filled with real stories of successes and failures during his career and focus on 3 topics:


  1. entrepreneurship
  2. leadership
  3. sales strategies and management


In addition, Jeff enjoys hosting break-out sessions for management teams and CEOs/CFO’s on “The Hidden Fees of Credit Card Processing – How to Increase Your Bottom Line Profitability” .  With over 25+ years in the payments industry and serving as the educational author to the payments space and on the Advisory Board of First Data (one of the largest payments companies in the world), Jeff will provide real insights and take-away value to help you develop the most efficient payment processing program for your organization.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Improve the Bottom Line

Improve the Bottom Line” with Jeff Shavitz is a session dedicated to providing practical strategies and insights for businesses to enhance their financial performance and profitability.

Shavitz shares his expertise and experience in finance and entrepreneurship to offer actionable advice that can positively impact the bottom line of any organization.

He discusses various approaches, including:

  1. Cost-cutting measures
  2. Revenue optimization techniques
  3. Efficiency improvements

Shavitz emphasizes the importance of analyzing financial data, identifying areas of inefficiency or waste, and implementing solutions to address them effectively. Overall, “Improve the Bottom Line” provides valuable insights and strategies for businesses seeking to enhance their profitability and success.