My business path has gone from corporate America to becoming an entrepreneur and independent business owner in the payment processing industry.

Following college, I worked as an Investment Banker at Lehman Brothers in the Corporate Finance/Mergers & Acquisitions Group and specialized in transactions ranging from $500 million – $1 billion.

Although working 80-100 hours, I didn’t feel vested in the deals and this wasn’t what I wanted in my professional life. I deferred business school and decided to leave my fast-paced, well-paying position to start up a 1-person business; friends would say “what are you thinking?” From my tiny New York apartment while still working on Wall Street, I created “Spectoculars”, a paper folding binocular; in 1991, I received a NFL license and sold 250,000 pairs that were distributed at Super Bowl XXX. Welcome to entrepreneurship!

Several years later, I co-founded Charge Card Systems Inc., a national credit card processing company that helped merchants with their processing requirements including the acceptance of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Our company grew to over 500 sales agents and helped over 20,000 clients before being acquired by Card Connect, a division of First Data (now called Fiserv, one of the largest credit card companies in the world).

In the past 30 years, I have started 4 companies and served on the advisory board of many start-ups, philanthropic organizations and more established companies.  

Regardless of the industry type or size, I enjoy the process of working with business leaders and management teams in helping them achieve their goals (candidly and humbly, we don’t always get there, but we definitely try).  I hope that my insights, empathy and my real-life business stories will act as your coach and confidant as you embark on your own journey in the world of business.


Fun Facts

Shavitz Family Appeared On Family Feud in 2023

Whether you are a 1-person company or a Fortune 500 organization, it is my goal to help you better understand the complex world of credit card processing and the merchant services industry.