Sales is a game of, “How can I convince my prospect to buy my product or service and become a valued customer?”

Many of us have attended sales seminars, read sales books, Googled the best online sales techniques, hired sales coaches, learned techniques from our sales manager and management teams and tried many strategies, all to win that coveted new customer.

We have been trained to sell the “benefits vs. features,” write thank you notes, be prompt for meetings, have a firm handshake, stare into the prospect’s eyes, and many other important sales practices. But these are all givens.

This article is going to offer you four creative ways to meet a prospect. Several of these techniques will and should help — it’s then up to you to close the deal.

I will not focus on the trite and commonplace strategies, like it takes seven to nine touches for a prospect to remember you or you must genuinely believe in your product/service or your product/service must be of great quality. That’s obvious. Rather, I want to provide you creative ways to meet prospects. Here goes, and I hope you will try one or several of these strategies this week.

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1. Frisbee

The Frisbee was invited in 1957 by Wham-O co-founder Richard Knerr (I guess you didn’t know this fact). Try this out. Send one of your valued customers who really appreciates your company’s product/service a logoed Frisbee (with your company name, your personal name, your phone # and email address). In the accompanying letter, ask your contact “to throw you some business with referrals.”

You would be amazed how many prospects you will start receiving. Based on my research through the years, contacts will refer you to five to seven prospects. Let’s assume you have 50 clients (of course, you may have less or more) x 6 = 300 new prospects. Not bad for a simple creative dimensional mailing.

2. Call one number off

It’s so hard to get your prospect on the telephone. You try calling at 8 a.m., 6 p.m. and he/she never picks up. Have you ever tried calling by 1-digit “off?” Instead of calling 888-505-1234, try 888-505-1233 or 1235.

I can’t promise that it will work, but sometimes the prospect has a private or second line that may be answered directly. Or by calling the wrong extension, you may get another person on the phone who can transfer you — transferred calls look different on caller ID than typical calls, and you might just get through.

3. Pizza box/cereal box

This was one of my most successful dimensional mail strategies I used to meet difficult prospects. Whether you choose pizza, cereal or another food group, try sending the box in the mail (FedEx is worth it for the few extra dollars) with a well-crafted inside letter saying, “I would love to spend just a few minutes with you having pizza for lunch” or “Could I stop by next week for breakfast?” Prospects are so amused by your creativity that the majority of times, you will get that meeting.

4. Time clock

Similar to the pizza/cereal box dimensional mailing, try sending a countdown clock set to 15 minutes with an accompanying letter saying, “I need just 15 minutes of your time.” I have used this technique many times, and when the clock hits 0, I say to the prospect, time’s up, as promised, and if you want to get together again, let’s set up another time.

I literally have walked out of initial meetings saying that I have another meeting starting shortly and can’t be late. I promise that you will have a follow-up meeting with this prospect within the next few days if he’s interested in learning more about your company’s service.