TrafficJamming is Your One Stop Solution To Growing Your Business
WHAT IS TrafficJamming?

TrafficJamming loves and respects the small business owner and entrepreneur. All companies want more “traffic” – in essence, traffic means sales. New customers.  We all want it and need it to grow our companies. TrafficJamming builds awareness and demand for your products and services.

TrafficJamming is a virtual membership group created for independent business owners to grow their companies by access to fellow entrepreneurs, cutting-edge technology solutions and educational content. Our proprietary technologies and best of breed services will drive “traffic”(commonly called “customers”) to your retail establishment, restaurant or online shop.

WHO IS A TrafficJammer?

TrafficJammers comes in all shapes, sizes, sexes, ages and religions.  That is what is so exciting about being a business owner and entrepreneur.  TrafficJamming was established to help our members grow their companies using proven technologies and best of class services. TrafficJammers understand that there is great value is being part of a bigger group and collectively using the resources and expertise of other business owners to help achieve their professional goals.

By being part of the TrafficJamming’s Inner Circle, our members will have the opportunity to“check their oil” monthly to determine if they are achieving their monthly sales goals.  The idea of monthly accountability will help ensure your success.

Who Should Get In Line?

Who should become a TrafficJammer?  TrafficJamming was developed by a small business owner for the small business owner/executive.  I know that you would agree that our professional lives are quite different than our friends who work for large corporations.

We have sleepless nights with our minds always racing.  How to make payroll?  How to continue to grow our companies? I get it.   I’m proud to have started and successfully sold 3 “small businesses.   Be proud of the word “small” and being an independent business owner.

TrafficJamming was developed for the business executive who wants to join a special fraternity or sorority of entrepreneurs and independent business owners.   TJ offers a program for your business that employs different technology services and products to help your grow and attract new customers.

Resource Center
TrafficJamming provides information to quick questions about topics that are relevant to a Business owner. The Resource Library will continue to grow daily and available only to TrafficJamming Inner Circle members. Members can submit information that is helpful to fellow members. Members also have access to blog posts, regular email from TJ and other resources we provide on a regular basis. Members will also have access to our Buying Group that gives you discounts on all of the services that companies use on a daily basis. TJ goal is to help drive traffic to your businesses.
Become a Member of the TJ Inner Circle
to have access to this information!
Below are Just a Few “Examples” of What You Will Find in the Member’s Resource Library!
» Networking for Business
» Goal Setting & Mission Statements
» Reading Financial Reports
» Negotiation
» Financing & Finance Options
» Salesperson Personality Traits
» Marketing & Public Relations Tactics
» Big Data & Analytics
» Small Business vs Big Business
» Exit Strategies, Monetizing Your Business
» Customer Acquisition Costs
» Alliances, Associations & Buying Groups
» Out of the Box Marketing Tactics
» Growth, Growth and More Growth
» Family-Owned Business
» Minority-Owned Business
» Home Based Business
» Non-Profits
» Veteran-Owned Business
» Residual Based Business
» Women-Owned Business
And so much more being added routinely!
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