Jeff enjoys speaking at national conferences, industry specific events, universities, entrepreneurial groups and chamber of commerce.  Recent speeches included:
Aligning your Passion, Purpose & Career
Vision for creating “your life” and aligning career, family, avocations and other aspects of your life into what we all aspire for– the “perfect life”. Understand the combination of passion and purpose for creating “your life” and recognize the driving forces in determining your business’ future. Real life examples will help push and drive you to live your life and achieve pure happiness.
Is it a Business, a Job or an Opportunity?

Learn the difference in the meaning and semantics of businessjob, and opportunity. Understand your inner gut feeling of your professional aspirations. Seek opportunity for “freedom” in your life. Discussing:

>> “Corporate America vs. entrepreneur – which are you?”
>> “Selling your business – time to become an employee … again?”
Get your Networking ROT

See how Networking is like “Return on Investment” (ROI). ROI is one of the most popular terms used and analyzed when running your business and an overriding concern in the transaction. Networking involves a “Return on Time” (ROT). Nurture authentic and real business partnerships and friendships. Identify best practices in networking, case studies of “good” and “bad” networking and how to nurture powerful relationships to help your company grow. Discussing:

>> “Keeping your customer – not so easy”
>> “Golf – it’s a lot more than whacking some white ball around”
The Power of Residual Income

The vast differences between residual and recurring income vs. transaction revenue business models are detailed.  Hear real-life examples from payment processing (a residual based business) in contrast to promotional products business (a transactional based business).  Hear highlights on how to “work smarter” and develop wealth as you navigate through your professional career. Topics include:

>> Learn about different residual based businesses?
>> What is a transaction vs. a transactional based business?
Let’s Waste Some Money in Business

Explore the most counter-intuitive concept you’ve ever heard. Theorize that it is a good idea to “waste” some money to experience significant growth, whether you are a start-up, cash-flow positive company or a seasoned business that is profitable. Incorporate a “waste money” line item in your budget and modify how to approach the existing traditional business model to become an “out of the box” creative thinker and when developing marketing and promotional concepts. Delve into actual case studies on how this fund turned into major returns for different companies. Topics include:

>> Nurturing lots of small accounts or one big fish;
>> Don’t judge your book by its cover – but you should – of course; 1stimpressions make a real deciding factor whether to buy from your company.
Big Data – It’s not just for the Big Boys Anymore

Big data isn’t just for big companies– it’s now attainable for organization of all sizes. Secure, scalable and predictive data provides your business (regardless whether a retailer, restaurant, B to B, or internet based business) with a management tool of enormous value. Running a company by instinct and gut feeling is important; however, arming yourself with facts, analytics, and metrics is critical as you grow your company. Explore:

>> How to improve operations, increase operational efficiency, inform strategic directions;
>> Improve customer service by understanding key drivers to help identify new products and services.
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