Jeff released his 1st book “Size Doesn’t Matter – Why Small Business is Big Business” and hit #1 top new release on Amazon in 3 business categories (entrepreneurship, business management and new business enterprises). Focuses on the turbulent and exciting life of the business owner and entrepreneur.   This book shares his authentic stories with humor and candor having worked with thousands of business people throughout his career.  The chapters present different “aha moments” and life lessons as described from business owners relating to their professional and personal journeys.
His 2nd book “Small Business AhaMessages” is a collection of 140 key axioms that every business owner and entrepreneur should consider when starting or running their companies. This quick read provides compelling content in bite-size phrases from a business owner sharing his experiences in starting, managing and successfully selling a small business. Small Business AhaMessages will be your coach and confidant as you reflect upon your own journey in the world of small business. Learn from Jeff, relate to him, feel for him, and laugh with and at him, as you benefit from his words of wisdom.
His 3rd book, The Power of Residual Income  You Can Bank On It  details the vast differences between residual and recurring income vs. transaction revenue. Having experienced both business models in his career, Jeff using real-life examples from his payment processing days (a residual based business) in contrast to his promotional products business (a transactional based business). This book will highlight how to “work smarter” and develop wealth as you navigate through your professional career.
His 4th book, Networking – Get Connected”  educates people on the importance of proper networking. The skill of networking isn’t like reading a financial statement where the Return on Investment (ROI) is the primary issue. Networking involves what Jeff likes to refer as Return on Time (ROT). Make time to meet others and grow your circle of authentic business and personal friendships.   Jeff received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Tufts University and spent one year at the London School of Economics specializing in finance.  He is very involved in many business, civic and philanthropic organizations including Young Presidents’ Organization, Make-A-Wish and the Israeli Tennis Foundation.

Mom & Dad – I Promise I’ll Get Into CollegeThe pressures of high school students to get into college has become so competitive; the pressures on the parents have become overwhelming as they want their son or daughter to get into the university of their 1st choice. Is your child really special? Is he/she doing something to make themselves stand out among their competition? Does the student think they are doing enough? How about the parent? This book shares thoughts from both Jeff Shavitz and his daughter, Lexi, a high school senior about this exciting and challenging time about one of the biggest decisions in your life.

As parents of 3 children, the "middle kid syndrome" did/does exist, and we as Type A parents are equally guilty for at times comparing her to her brother/sister. We have learned that she is who she is –and whether she goes to Harvard, an Ivy, a state university, a local college, a junior college, a 2-year college, or a vocational school– we just want her to be happy and do her best.

This book is about all of these intermingled emotions (of both parent and child) and the reality of getting into a college.

Driving Incremental Golf Course RevenueAre you ready to drive incremental revenue to your golf course? To help serve as your business coach, Jeff Shavitz, Chief Golf Officer of Clickit Golf, Inc., shares 140 thoughts to help increase your top line sales and profitability.

Business is business whether you are running a golf course or any other type of company. Driving Incremental Golf Course Revenue shares principles that are relevant for all business owners—but of course, this book has concepts specific for the golf executive.

It is Jeff’s intention that this book will be your coach and confidant as you reflect upon your own journey and continue to grow your golf course facility. Learn from Jeff, relate to him, feel for him, and laugh with and at him as you enjoy and benefit from his experiences.

Driving Foot Traffic140 insights about driving foot traffic to physical locations.  Jeff Shavitz  interviews 5 of his business friends whom he met through his business group, Young Presidents Organization.   All 5 executives from different businesses ranging from healthcare, restaurants, amusement/zoo attraction company and retail executive with hundreds of locations share their perspectives on retail, the growth of the internet and personal thoughts about their businesses and growth strategies for maturing and entrepreneurial organizations.

Sales Success AhasThe lifeline of every business is sales! Without sales, none of the other departments,such as accounting, human resources, advertising, marketing, and many others, is necessary. Sales drive revenue. Sales bring in the money. Salespeople are that critical link to turning this into reality. And as organizations mature and become larger, companies need sales managers to manage the people who are selling day to day.

Learn from the master, Jack Daly, one of the world’s greatest trainers on the sales process, as he shares the perspective of the sales manager. And Jeff Shavitz, successful and serial entrepreneur, will share his thoughts from the salesperson’s perspective. Salesman and sales manager must work in concert with each other, but there are thoughts that each side must respect and understand to make the sales process work efficiently.

“Working with Shavitz is a must.   As a yoga instructor, I consider myself an entrepreneur~ a manager of a small business… the business of yoga. I found layers of inspiration working with Jeff.   His personality and easy to follow program work.  It’s that simple.”
– Cathy Rosenberg, Owner, Yoga Instructor
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